Searching for the Future of Onco & Immuno Therapies. is the innovation program by Basi that focuses on establishing strategic partnerships with disruptive startups focused on research and drug development in two main fields: oncology and immunotherapy.

Healthcare, a constant evolution.

According to the WHO, cancer accounts for 1 in every 6 deaths worldwide. Globally, 19.3 million cancer diagnoses and 9.9 million cancer deaths were registered in 2020 (GLOBOCAN). This represents a major social, economic, and scientific burden, with the establishment of effective therapies being a key-step to tackle cancer.

Immunotherapy, the type of treatment that uses the body’s natural defense mechanism – the immune system – to identify and fight different diseases, has been recognized as a breakthrough therapy with a strong clinical application in the oncology field. Alongside, immunotherapies have been growingly studied and applied in other diseases, including auto-immune disorders.

As a global player in the pharmaceutical industry, Basi takes part on the mission to support and develop pharmaceutical research and innovation that can guarantee a better quality of life.

The Basi program

Basi is committed to continuously promoting strategic partnerships within the pharmaceutical sector, through:

  • Direct Investment
  • Access to the industrial park and Basi Campus
  • Co-development
  • Production facilities
  • Marketing of products
  • Licensing of products
  • Academic and Industry network expansion
  • Global distribution network
  • Possible synergetic operations

The program is searching for startups with innovative therapeutic solutions that tackle the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry in the shared and global journey to revolutionize oncological and immunological treatments.

The program will be finding disruptive startups within the drug development field, focused on the areas of oncology and immunotherapy.

More about Basi

With over 50 years of activity, Basi is a reference company in the pharmaceutical industry sector, as a Portuguese company with more than 270 employees and global presence and business activities in more than 60 countries from 4 different continents. Basi is owned by the FHC Group, a multinational pharmaceutical group of companies with more than 600 employees throughout Portugal, Spain and several African Countries.

Basi’s mission is to perform R&D on drug development, manufacture, market and distribute drugs and therapeutic solutions worldwide, supported by European excellence, quality and innovative technologies. Currently, Basi’ mission is focused on developing novel (innovative) therapeutic solutions in the fields of oncology and immunotherapy, through collaboration with renown national and international partners.

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